Katie Ruston

Katie found Yoga around 5 years ago, stumbling upon it in the gym having had injury after injury caused through years of long distance running and finally surrendering to the fact that running was no longer going to be a part of her life. But where would she find that fast pace, heart racing, sweaty, mind focused release? Not for a moment thinking Yoga would be it, nor for a single moment would she like to define yoga as doing just that.

By nature, Katie has two polar opposites, to be high energy and go go go versus deep, still and connected. So Katie tried it. It was a slow start but it captured her and the majority of her practice would be self-practice to begin with, simply exploring what my mind and body needed. The need for heart racing, sweat dripping exercise was very quickly replaced with the mind, emotional and spiritual benefits and exploration of the yogic experience.

Not long after beginning her practice Katie suffered major back problems. For three years she suffered severe pain due to a prolapsed disc and sciatica and the pain was debilitating and unmanageable. To practice became a love hate relationship but over those three years her practice showed her how to understand her body, to listen to it and respond to its needs, it gave her great physical awareness which lead to a growth in emotional and mental awareness and that’s where she fell in love.

Katie began to respond to her practice in a way that helped her, and this is the part that is important because your yoga practice is yours. What it means to you is something only you can ever really understand. Many can relate but only you know its importance in your life.

Yoga began to help Katie manage emotion in a far more positive way, empathy toward others and a self-love we all tend to neglect.

So Yoga for Katie is not simply something steeped in tradition and evolving with the times, it isn’t just about the physical benefits, it isn’t just about an inner awareness or a deeper understanding of self and others, it isn’t just about building community or self-expression, yoga for her is all of the above, it is you trying to be the very best you you can be and having a method, path, process in which to do it.

Katie is 250hr trained and Yoga Alliance certified in Hatha and Yin Yoga and hates to say the word instructor or teacher because neither feel authentic or comfortable for her to say, she simply shares what she loves, what she is passionate about, what she believes in and what she has learnt in the hope that it gives others what it has given her. Guiding others in their Hatha and Yin practices and occasionally Vinyasa. Assists in 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings in India, teaching Anatomy and Physiology and asana and leads the Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings. When Katie is in the UK she holds classes in various gyms, yoga studios and schools.

Yoga is a forever evolving life long journey, one that directly links to our inner awareness and the growth in awareness through experience. Where you are now and how you experience life will be different to where you will be this time next year, your perceptions will forever change, you will be forever changing, may we all allow ourselves to grow, change and evolve in a way that is right for us as an individual, as someone that guides others in their practice, Katie will always allow you the space to do exactly that.