5 Reasons To Join Preksha Yoga For Your Yoga Teacher Training

Do you want to experience a spiritual retreat that may offer you a respite from worldly chases? Well, if yes, then Preksha Yoga Ashram is a place to be! This peaceful and nurturing refuge invites spiritual seekers from all over the world, where they can attain supervision for their yogic journey.

“Preksha Yoga Ashram is a place of learning where you can centre your attention while absorbing awareness from the knowledgeable and experienced instructors,” shares the Lead teacher, Yogi Madhav. He adds, “The traditional yoga that we impart—genuinely preserves its pureness and belief dating back thousands of years while passing on health, life, and peace of mind.”

The Yoga Alliance Registered institution has the whole thing you need to appreciate, feel and experience the spirit of Yoga. Here are five remarkable reasons that may persuade you to join Preksha Yoga for your Yoga teacher training.

1. Provides all the amenities for sadhana

Preksha Yoga Ashram offers an ultimate atmosphere that’s entirely soaked with thoughts of Divinity. The regular curriculum, right from the early morning to evening, is associated with the Inner self. Here you can sit in peace, turn to the Spirituality, recite, read and learn the Holy Scriptures.

2. Peaceful environment with a mystic ambiance

To bring a blissful transformation in your life, it is essential to have the right surroundings around you. Preksha Yoga Ashram is undoubtedly the most prominent place where you can have the surroundings that epitomize spirituality. The Ashram is located in the middle of the banana and coconut trees and hemmed in by plush green shrubbery. The entire backdrop is immersed stunningly in the opulent nature of Mandrem, Goa. Without a doubt, the tranquil background produces a matchless passion and enchanting, mystical vibe.

3. Perfect place to immerse in your being

The atmosphere at Preksha Yoga Ashram is unworldly in nature, allowing the space for peace and calm. The exceptional satvik food and vegetarian meals served here would help you grow healthier and become stronger. The heavenly ambiance would purify your perception and mindfulness by suppressing all the negative feelings within you.

Excess of options

You can have more than a few choices here, in Preksha Yoga Ashram to pursue the yoga teacher training. No matter if you are a learner or considering joining an institute to follow the premier level of yoga teacher training packages; you have a choice including:

  • 200-hour yoga teacher training course
  • 300-hour yoga teacher training course
  • 30 and 50 hour yin yoga teacher training course

So, if you are interested in exploring the major career possibilities as yoga teacher, you can join Preksha Yoga to accomplish your dream in the desired way. Indeed, working as a professional yoga teacher isn’t just economically satisfying, but also provides a way to attain a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

4. You’ll learn Yoga from the pioneers

When talking about the quality of Yoga training, Preksha Yoga is the undoubted king. There are a lot of reasons behind this assertion though. The teachers of Preksha Yoga maintain the real value by perceiving the most divine way of life. In other words, these teachers have dominated their sanities to appreciate or discern the practical effects of yoga. Not to mention, the yoga teachers of this premium institute have years of experience. Most of these teachers spreading the spirit of yoga are recognized names.

Preksha Yoga Ashram – A smooth and holy path to spirituality!

Calm, relaxing and peaceful — Preksha Yoga Ashram is a place that echoes the energy and re-establishes the amity within you. It is just the perfect place to follow a heavenly practice. It offers a peaceful, tranquil and quiet atmosphere where you can concentrate entirely on your individual blissful growth. The noiseless and serene environment gives you an opportunity to surrender your physical needs and to bring your emphasis within. So, chill out, calm down and submerse yourself in the Divine vibe of Preksha Yoga Ashram!

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